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 +====== Welcome to the ArchiveWiki of! ======
 +This is the archived version of the community wiki. This is read-only. Please use http://​​wiki instead.
 +This [[https://​​wiki/​Wiki|Wiki]] is the center of information for the community of the **free** paedagocial server solution //​​. Over 8 years running, it contains tips and manuals written by members of the community which they publish for everyone to use, for free.
 +**Join?** No Problem, just register in the [[http://​​forum/​|Forum]],​ with those credentials you can login to this wiki and start working with us - we are looking forward! Especially if you want to translate parts to your language.
 +===== What's in here? =====
 +<box 88% round blue center> ​
 +<menu col=2,​align="​center",​caption="">​
 +<​item>​Documentation|Official Documentation and Installation Guides|en:​dokumentation:​start|:​wiki:​icons:​portfolio2-50x50.png</​item>​
 +<​item>​Anwenderwiki|Informationen und Tipps from the community (german)|anwenderwiki:​start|:​wiki:​icons:​applications-internet-50x50.png</​item>​
 +<​item>​Forum|Discussionforum (german)|http://​​forum/​|:​wiki:​icons:​internet-group-chat-50x50.png</​item>​
 +<​item>​Mailinglists|Quick response mailing list (mostly german, most of us can help in english as well)|https://​​mailman/​listinfo/​linuxmuster-user|:​wiki:​icons:​internet-mail-50x50.png</​item>​
 +<​item>​Bugtracker|Bugtracker (any language you open a ticket with)|linuxmusternet:​bugs:​start|:​wiki:​icons:​bug_48.png</​item>​
 +<​item>​Development|Developer-documentation (german)|entwicklung:​start|:​wiki:​icons:​document-properties-50x50.png</​item>​
 +<​item>​Non-profit association|Information and internals of the association|verein:​start|:​wiki:​icons:​applications-office-50x50.png</​item>​
 +<menu col=2,​align="​center",​caption="">​
 +Old Wiki|Old community entries, read-only (german)|version3:​start_version_3|:​wiki:​icons:​emblem-favorite-50x50.png</​item>​
 +<​item>​About...|About the project|http://​​|:​wiki:​icons:​help-browser-50x50.png</​item>​
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